About Us

Viola Stils

"We try to ensure that each of our clients finds a product in our collection that is unique yet familiar."
Viola Stils has more than twenty years experience in the production of "High-quality Fashion" using natural fibers. Our production methods and quality levels are new innovation to the high-quality fashion knitwear Industry.
Our way of manufacturing is new to the knitwear Industry with the designs of all of our models being developed in three-dimension, in order to give our models a perfect form which fits like a glove.
We are proud of the fact that:
- Viola Stils was one of the first knitting factories in the World in 2000 started to produce LOS knitwear (without seams), which was a "Revolution to the High Quality Fashion Knitwear
-  Our new Collections are loved by our customers and awaited with much anticipation.
-  Viola Stils has become a well known brand and many well known world celebrities carry our products in their wardrobes, as they know that our label stands for high quality.
Our Quality standards are very high with each product produced passing through a three-stage quality control.
We achieve our levels of excellence through our knowing and understanding what our clients want, and our unique ability to program our eleven various types of STOLL knitting machine to give us the product we want.
Today our highly skilled team work hard in the development of new styles coming out with new collections at regular intervals.
Each collection takes up to two years in development so as to be able to offer our clients something special which cannot be found elsewhere.
We always stay true to our traditions and our clients, in the development of new collections made with the most expensive and high-quality Italian yarn. (cashmere, silk, super thin extra fine merino wool)
Yearly we produce in the region of 100 new styles produced in various color schemes which enable

our clients to remain true to a trend which they love and prefer.

The key to a successful and competent choice of clothing is the ability to dress in a manner  that you are at any moment ready to conquer the World.
People who love themselves surround themselves with beautiful things, so choose Viola-Stils who have made that choice easier for you, through the development of our 700 styles designed for your comfort whilst making you look like a top model.

In addition to our Individual sales, we also offer wholesale to a select few!
High Quality at reasonable prices!

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